What can I say about this drink? 

I absolutely love it and it’s been my favourire Christmas tipple for as long as I cab remember. From being very very young I remember my parents drinking what looked like milkshake and would always get a sip, this was baileys and I’ve been pretty much hooked ever since. I don’t drink it all the time and rarely have it on a night out because (as I once unfortunately  found out) mixing baileys with other alcoholic drinks can make you very ill and very sick indeed. It’s best on its own or a little in a suitable cocktail (think screaming orgasm). 

It’s great alone over ice. I like to add a splash of milk to it and then it really is just like sipping milkshake. It’s delicious and creamy and oh that familiar taste in the back of the throat.
Some people add a splash of Bailey’s to coffee which is also really nice or make like a Bailey’s frappucino. Bailey’s can also be used in baking and festive cakes. 
I always have a bottle or two in at Christmas and of course one is in my fridge right now. I have been tempted to open it and sip but trying to save for Xmas day.
Over the years Bailey’s have introduced a few other varieties and flavors to the drink but the original is by far the best for me.
And if your wondering how or what baileys is made from. Then it’s all here and also on the Bailey’s website

Bailey’s is a cream liquer and has an alcohol volume of 17% making it quite strong. It’s creamy taste is quite deceptive and it’s easy to forget that this contains a fair amount of alcohol. Therefore if your drinking this stuff over Christmas then please be careful.


  1. December 6, 2016 / 14:33

    Ohh! I love Bailey’s! It’s such a Christmas drink.
    I got a huge bottle of the Coffee flavoured Bailey’s….It’s amazing x

  2. December 6, 2016 / 15:08

    I do love a Baileys. I am hoping to get some for Christmas as I am yet to go and buy some. πŸ™‚ x

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