BFG in our house 

Oh no a giant has landed!

But not to worry as he’s a friendly giant really and straight out of the Roald Dahl book – The BFG and of course the recently released movie.
This cute little fella known as – The Whizzpopping BFG isn’t really that big at all, he stands at about 34cms high but prefers to sit than stand.

The perculiar name (whizzpopping) comes from the strange and rather funny sounds he makes when his belly is pressed, tho I do think the toy makers could have come up with a better sounding name for a child’s toy. He makes 8 different sounds in total. He is dressed just the same as the well known character in green pants and the waistcoat is removeable.
This friendly guy can be played with by any age child or adult from birth upwards. He comes made by Rainbow designs but can be found sat in the lonely toy aisles of many store baring a price tag of about £12.99.

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