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DC Thomson have been producing magazines and newspapers for over a hundred years. Some of their best known kids magazines include The Beano and The Dandy. They now publish many magazines for both adults and children which can all be purchased from supermarkets.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the DC Thomson team at the recent Blog On conference last month. I came away with one of their magazines for Izebella which is The Twirly Woos.

This magazine is based on the CBeebies show. It is Β£2.99 per issue and I’m thinking it’s a monthly one but may be wrong. It’s aimed at the younger ones with several colouring in pages and activities.

Since then I have been sent a few other magazines too. Such as Noddy which I think is quite a new one and also monthly.

Like the majority of the kids magazines, Noddy comes with free gifts and on this issue it was an alphabet set which are a bit like alphabet dominoes. Noddy again is based on the well known tv series and character and aimed at youngsters. It costs Β£3.25 per monthly issue.

For an older child and geared more towards girls is The Official Jacqueline Wilson mag. 

Jacqueline Wilson is a famous writer of children’s literature . This magazine is aimed towards girls aged 7-12 years. It features puzzles, Stories and ideas. This one came with lots of extra freebies which Jordanna was rather impressed with.  This one is Β£3.99 monthly.

Finally one for Ryan, it’s Epic. 

Think movies, gaming, sport, jokes, superheroes and more all packed into one magazine and tug you have Epic. Freebies included sweets, jokes and other bits, perfect for boys. 

DC Thomson offers subscription services for all their magazines with saves money than buying individually.

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