Sand Art

Sand Art comes to us from Kids bee happy. The sets cost about Β£7.00 each and contain all we need to create beautiful sand art pictures. There are many different themed packs, many of which are Disney. We have the Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck set. This set contains 2 image boards and 16 tubes of coloured sand.

The images come with yellow stickers on and the idea is to peel off part of it bit by bit to reveal the white sticky board, then add sand to each area.

The stickers can be tricky to peel off but a tool is included to help with lifting them. The more you peel off , the more the picture comes to life. 

All the picture can be peeled, even the background area. It’s best to use lots of different sand colours for the best effects.

It is sand and it can get messy. After areas of the picture are covered, the excess sand gets tipped off. The sand tubes are extremely difficult to fully open so tipping the sand back in is quite impossible. It’s a good idea to do the sand creations on a large tray to avoid lots of sand on the floor.

The images look very easy to do, and they are but it can be time consuming as there are a lot of areas to fill in with sand.

These are great as rainy day projects! 

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