Degustabox September reveal 

Wow these months are just flying by now aren’t they? And Christmas will soon be here again. 

For now I bring you another monthly Degustabox reveal.

        “And in the box this month”

 The drinks 

2 rather refreshing cans of sparkling fruit juices from Cape drinks. Very nice and good chilled but rather expensive at £1.59 a can I thought.

Teisserie syrup £2.99 – Not a drink that can be drunk straight from the van, but rather a fruity raspberry syrup which is added to still or sparking water. 

The snacks 

A nice treat for my kids with the 4 lunchbox pots of Hartleys jelly. No sugar, fruity and only 50p per pot.

Say yes to no – Flavoured bread chips, in my case it’s bbq, Lovely flavour and different to crisps and crackers.

Metcalfes popcorn thins – possibly my favourite item of this box. Chocolate over corn cakes. Shame there wasn’t more of them. £1.00

Get fruity – Award winning healthy fruit bars. I am not too keen on them tho and would not pay £1.00 each. 

The food cupboard  

Ciro Borlotti beans – I really don’t think we will use these. We do eat beans in our house but these are unflavoured meaning no tomato sauce, just beans. I imagine they are probably best used in recipes. £1.89 per pack of 3. 

Miso soup – Again unfortunately not for me. I’m not big on soups and especially not the spicy sort. It’s made with fermented soyabean too which does not sound too appealing.

Mrs Crimbles Fusilli – yes the same company that brings us biscuits and cookies also does a flavoured pasta meal for one. £1.99. Being Mrs Crimbles it is of course gluten free.

 Chia seed – Quite simply tiny black and white seeds to add to food to give nutrition. Unsure which foods you are meant to add them too but the packer has a picture of yoghurt on it. £1.00 each.
And that completes the September reveal. I was ever so slightly disapppointed with this months box. I would certainly prefer more snack items and feel the beans especially were the biggest let down. However this is just my opinion and I’m sure others recieving this box will be happy with the contents. 

From now on I will be scoring my Degustabox’s each month out of 10, with 10 being the highest. My score this month is 4. 

You can join Degustabox via their U.K. website. The usual price is £12.99 a month but if you use this discount code at checkout BLDEG15 then you get £7.00 off a box.

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