Easiyo yoghurt maker

I have a new Easiyo yoghurt maker. As we all love yoghurt in our house I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and a good alternative for breakfast too.

Easiyo Yoghurt maker is all about making delicious yoghurt at home. Now I know, many will be thinking that if they want yoghurt then why not just go and buy ready made yoghurt from the supermarket? Well yes of course we already do that but making it ourselves seems so much better. Also this allows us to make lots of yoghurt at once and choose exactly how much we want to serve. It’s also really healthy and the packets are relatively cheap compared to buying a pack of yoghurts. 

To make the yoghurt at home you will need all of this! 

The big pink tub is our yoghurt maker and it’s actually a new limited edition one. They do come in other colours. The packets contain the yoghurt powder, they come in many varieties and the whole packet gives 1kg of yummy yoghurt.

The yoghurt maker is battery and electricity free. All it requires is water.

The powder goes into the large jar and water is added. The water needs to be between 15-20C. If you don’t own a themometer then this can be hard to judge. I mixed cold tap water with a little boiled water so that the cold edge is removed but the water is not quite warm. 

The jar is then placed inside the yoghurt maker and boiling water is added over the jar. Then place the lid back on and leave for 8 to 12 hours. I left mine overnight and it turned out pretty much perfect. The yoghurt should be thick and creamy once properly set. I did notice the slight bit of water on the top but if this occurs just mix it in. 

Once set it is best placed in the fridge to cool. Here is our first go at making the banana flavour yoghurt.

I am very impressed that it turned out so well on our first go. It is really easy to make.

We had a whole kilo of this yummy stuff. We used little plastic pots for servings and enjoyed for both breakfast and supper. It tastes lovely, probably better than the shop stuff and lasts a few days in the fridge.

We can’t wait to make a try some more flavours.

The one downside I have come across with this is that the yoghurt packets don’t seem to be in the supermarkets or local stores yet. They can be purchased on the EasiYo website and other internet stores but it would be nice if you could buy them anywhere.

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