Timmy failure book series review & giveaway! 

Timmy Failure is a kids book series by author Stephen Patis. The books follow the misadventures of one school boy named Timmy. 

The fourth installment in the series has very recently hit the bookshelves. However this was the first time any of us had heard of Timmy Failure so as well as recieving the new title – “Sanitized for your protection” we also have a copy of the first title – “Mistakes were made”. 

Timmy Failure is the founder, president and CEO of the best detective agency in the world. This agency being one that is ran from a cupboard in Timmy’s home. His business cards read “Total Failure inc”. Total is actually the name of a polar bear and Timmys business partner. 

Total the bear doesn’t talk much and pretty much acts like a friendly sort of bear. Timmy is a bit of a loner at school and lives with his single mum who often goes on dates. 

Timmy is a pretty useless detective but this makes the books even more fun to read. Timmy likes to come up with his own long winded theories to explain extremely petty crimes and silly goings on.

Both books read a little like journals, there are no dates but it’s as though Timmy is writing the story and drawing all the cute doodles and images.

I’m unable to find any actual information on age guides but I would say more than suitable reading for 8 and over. As the main character is male I think they will probably appeal more to boys than girls.

All four books in the series have a retail price of £6.99 each and are all available as  ebooks too. They will be available in shops and on Amazon.

Published by Walker books.


Walker books are giving away of the latest Timmy Failure installment which is book 4. 

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