Yummy snacks roundup

As I have been trying out a fair few tasty treats in the past week or so, I have decided to include them all in one combined post. So here we go, and warning! It may just make you hungry.

Belvita yoghurt crunch 

Belvitas selection of tasty healthy snacks are perfect for busy people and busy families who may not always have time to sit and eat breakfast. The yoghurt crunch breakfast biscuits come in packs of 2, with 5 packs per box so 10 in total. The biscuits are made with whole grain and provide essential vitamins and nutrients to start off the day. The filing is made with honey and live yoghurt. The biscuits are ideal for just about anyone (who is allergy free) and can also be enjoyed at other times of the day or put in lunch boxes.


Cocoa Hernando

I do love trying out new varieties of luxury chocolate. It’s possibly one of the best bits about being a blogger. 

These delicious tasting chocolate discs come from Cocoa Hernando. They cost £7.00 a box and needless to say they did not last too long in my house. These chocolate discs come in other flavours as well as the mandarin which we got to try. The boxes can even be personalised.

Mrs Crimbles large choc Macaroon 
Mrs Crimble’s – Britain’s much loved gluten free bakery brand – is helping to raise money for the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with its bestselling Choc Macaroons. For every pack sold, 5p will be donated to Breast Cancer Now, meaning that enjoying Britain’s favourite Macaroon (one is sold every second) will be virtuous as well as utterly delicious!

These tasted absolutely heavenly, dip them in a hot drink and it all melts and crumbles away in your mouth and they are really big too. They also pack some weight, very thick and each bite is just amazing. 

They are of course also gluten free too. http://www.mrscrimbles.com

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