Izebellas new tent: Kids Concept + Competition 

Summer seems to be staying put for now at least. We have been lucky to see some sunshine this year. Izebella loves playing out and I am lucky to live on a small close with no road running through it.

Kids concept was the idea of three ladies from Sweden. They specialise in children’s room accessories, play furniture and wooden toys, soft furnishings and much more and all with a Scandanavian touch.

Izebella has one of their Star tents. Hers is a big green one. Tents make a lovely outdoor toy in summer weather as they give youngsters a place to sit, play and relax whilst enjoying the outdoors. 

The tent requires some minimal assembly. It’s a pop up tent with poles. The poles attach to the inside to keep it upwards. Ryan was only too happy to do the assembly his self as always.

And yes he had a mini audience whilst putting it up. The tent caught the attention of many children on the close who all seemed pretty fascinated with it.

It has one of those roll up doors and two large mesh windows on either side. The space inside is large enough for 3 small children to sit inside or maybe 2 big ones.

Then when no longer needed. The poles come out and it all folds back up into a small zipped carry bag.

Folding it back up can be a pain. The poles come out easily but folding it back into a perfect circle is hard so it’s kind of squashed back in as best as can be.

Izebella now feels like a princess and calls it her princess tent and Ryan has been asking if he can sleep in it outside which probably is not a good idea. 

The tent costs £34.90 and also comes in pink and blue.


Kids concept are giving away a tent to one of my readers. If you want to win one then please click the link below. End date is October 1st 2016 and UK entrants only please.


More competitions at <a href=”http://www.theprizefinder.com” target=”_blank”>ThePrizeFinder</a>
– See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/kids-tent#sthash.6QjnCP0m.dpuf

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