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My children go back to school next week, as do many across the country. It’s also almost September and almost Autumn. This means pretty soon there is going to be one thing on the minds of many people and yes I mean Christmas. Like it or lump it, Christmas is less than 4 months away and yet again it will soon be here. 

Whether you are a parent yourself it buy for kids in your family or friends, or perhaps your just a big kid yourself – board games always go down a treat a Christmas as they bring people together for lots of fun. 

Do you remember that classic game from your childhood called Pictionary? I think there were other similar games and also a child version of it. The game where you had to draw what was on a card? Well if you liked that then you and your kids may love this. 

Googly eyes from University games is lots of fun. It’s all about drawing what’s on the cards and other teams or players trying to guess. Sounds easy right??  WRONG!!’! Because unlike other drawing and guessing games; for this one the player who is drawing needs to put on a rather silly pair of glasses – As modelled here by Ryan, rather fetching aren’t they?

To add to the games difficulty the silly glasses also come with 3 sets of colour lenses – yellow, green and blue. Blue are the most difficult. 

So; players throw a dice and move round the board like a regular board game and when they land on the coloured squares the matching lenses go in the glasses and on they go.

Those cards all have 3 words on and again colours. You get the jist – land on green it’s green lens and green questions. Each colour also has an assigned number of guessing seconds – 15, 30 and 45. There is a timer included too.

A notepad and pencil come in the box but I can’t see either lasting that long so it’s lucky they are easy to replace. I read it’s best played in teams with team members guessing each other’s doodles but if you don’t have a large number of players then individual play should be fine and you can probably add own rules,

When it’s your turn to draw, the glasses go on and the timer starts. The cards come in a few categories. Some words are easy such as teddy bear and book but can you draw the North Pole?? I know I couldn’t. 

The glasses make everything blurry and distorted and you may think your drawing looks OK until you take the damn things off and see the state of it which of course adds to the whole fun factor when everyone laughs their head off. 

If the card is guessed right the player or team throw dice and move more, hence advancing on those who don’t guess right. 

Being a board game – the winner of course is the one who gets to the finish square first.

There are a few special squares on the board too. These include no glasses and miss turns. 

A fun game for all the family and bound to be a hit for Xmas day, just picture Uncle drunkard sipping his whisky with the Googly eye glasses on.

The age guide is 7 and over. Younger players do really need to beable to read words on the cards and understand them unless playing in a team with older players. The player number is 4 – 16, 16 being for 4 teams.

Prices vary for this game but expect to pay between Β£14 – Β£25. From Amazon and most good toy stores.

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