Jealous sweets

Jealous sweets are bought to shops by old friends Imran Merza and Taz Basunia, Jealous Sweets were created as a luxury vegan/vegetarian/halal brand of confectionery. They are stocked in the food halls of Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and in luxury hotels. They have also been endorsed by celeb. chefs including Tom Aiken and Jamie Oliver.

The sweets come in many fruity shaped varieties and include boxes of – tangy worms, grizzly bears, fruitilicious and a few more. You can buy small boxes of 50g and bigger 200g boxes. Also, coming soon are crackers containing 200g of sweets. As the sweets are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and halal this means that almost anyone can enjoy them. 

The small sweet boxes start at Β£2.50 each. I was able to try 3 varieties of jealous sweets. 

My overall favourite from these three is the tangy worms. I do love my tangy sweets but they all taste rather good with lovely fruity flavours. Certainly worth a buy to try if you have not already.

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