Back to school with Hartleys jelly 

Next week, after a long Summer break, my children will be back at school. Meaning early mornings once more and early bed time. This means they will be needing some tasty and healthy foods inside them and it just so happens that we have been trying out the new no added sugar jelly pots from Hartleys

There are five flavours to choose from, all fruity and it’s hard to believe that these are sugar free because they still taste quite sweet and retain the juicy fruity flavours.

Each one of the jelly pots contains less than 10 calories and they are also fat and gluten free. 

Being fat free and “no added sugar” means they are suitable for lunch boxes and even good for a quick fruit quench after breakfast. The pots cost 49p each but I do hear that some selected retailers will be selling them for just 25p throughout September.

Now there is a reason why there is a Hartleys lunchbox in the photographs and that’s because we have one which Izebella has been decorating and you can also get one too.

All you need to do is look out for the promotional Hartleys jelly pots and collect 12 of the pot lids. The instructions on how to redeem should (I hope) be on the pots.

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