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If you suffer from allergies like I do, then you will understand how irritating and annoying they can be. Be it pollen, dust or something else it’s bloody annoying and sometimes embarrassing. 

The weird thing is, I had no allergies at all as a child or even as an adult; until that is: I got pregnant with my youngest child who is almost 4 years old. The allergies started and never stopped and it seems to be a daily thing which may go away for the odd few days and then return. Summer is much worse but even in the colder months, the allergies remain. The signs of an attack (as I call it) are probably familiar to others – it starts with an awful tickle in the throat which not even water fully relieves, then the itchy eyes, watering eyes followed by the sneezing which is then on and off all day and even into the night. I do not know exactly what allergen is causing it and neither does a doctor. 

Like many people I have tried many remedies. The tablets make me drowsy although some of them do work and the sprays only provide a very temporary relief, if any. 

I was asked to try a new product called Serenz. It is a brand new product designed to help with many types of allergies.

It does look like a nose spray from the outset but it is very different. For a start this uses carbon dioxide instead of nasal steroids or antihistamine. The little blue plastic part in the photograph happens to be a key. This is used to unlock the gas from the unit. Unlock, remove cap, test, insert into nostril and switch on. Yes it’s that simple, that’s all I need to in both nostrils with this. 

Now I’m not going to lie. It stings the nose at first, but this strange stinging sensation only lasts a second or two and then the sting goes. Also the more it’s used, the less it stings. I read too that not everyone will feel a sting or burn, some may just get a tingle or even nothing and it’s just the gas going up and nothing else. 

I have only been using the product for a few days so I cannot really comment yet on the long term usage or effects but it has calmed my symptoms slightly. The throat tickle is not as bad and I have not been sneezing and coughing quite as much since using. Obviously it is not an allergy cure but is certainly a symptom reliever.

When using – ensure a tight seal around nostrils and device and do not breathe or inhale up as you would with other nasal products. Just insert into the nose and press the button.

The Serenz allergy reliever costs £17.90 and can be used daily when required. It is for adult use only. Purchase from the Online chemist.

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