2Kewt cat ceramics 

Recently I was contacted by the owner of a brand new product line names 2Kewt, as in “Too Cute” and when you see some of the product range it’s quite easy to sw why it is named so. These are cute ceramics for both the kitchen and bathroom. 

There is quite a selection of ceramics for both rooms all in a cute black and white cat design, I’m unsure if this cat character is in anyway based on a real cat at all but these items are certainly unusual. 

I guess you need be a cat lover to want these items or maybe just like cute and different looking things. The four items in the picture above are what I now have in my home and of course many of you may know that I do own a cat myself. 

This is the cookie jar and it’s unusual both in its design and the fact it’s ceramic.

The cats head comes off to reveal the biscuits hidden inside. It is possibly the quirkiest biscuit jar I have come across. It looks pretty good in my kitchen too and my walls are currently white and all the appliances are black.

I will say: it may be a good idea to reserve this for special “adult” cookies and biscuits. You know the expensive ones us mothers buy and hide until kiddies are in bed! It’s a lovely item and not a good idea for kids to handle and fight over.

If you looked at the photograph above of my four items and spotted the large spoon, you may be thinking its for ice cream or just me being greedy. Well it’s actually an unusual item – a spoon for spoons. I am hoping I’m using this correctly: but it’s for placing tea spoons on after making hot drinks and saves hot liquids dripping onto worktops.

The spoon simply rests on the spoon and all the drips end up on the cat spoon instead which can then be washed. I’m sure it could be used for other things too and it is quite decorative, there is even a hole to hang it up.

And for the bathroom – A soap dish!

If the soap is big enough and positioned correctly, it almost looks as though the cat is holding it. A soap dish is one thing I have been meaning to buy for a while. Soap is essential to keep clean but I hate the mess from soap stains on the sink. The problem is now solved with this pretty cat soap dish.

And finally – yes a ceramic cat toilet brush holder. It even comes with a toilet brush too. The brush fits in the back of the cat, or its butt even! . The brush itself is nothing great, but it does the intended job, obviously a new one will be needed after a few weeks of cleaning.

Again the cat seems to match the decor, I am beginning to think I need a little more colour in my home.

Cat does kind of look up at you whilst your using the bathroom. Almost like a lonely, stroke me face I think. I’m not too sure what the real cat thinks of this cat being all over my house tho.

2 Kewt is a brand new company and I have spotted their products at Gift ideas online, eBay and a few on Amazon. Prices differ per item.

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