Degustabox July reveal 

As its now Summer, I was quite happy to find a good selection of both snacks and drinks in the July Degustabox and as always I was not disappointed with the contents.

I’ll begin with the drinks this time as there was six of them in the box, and we have had a few warm days recently. 

And starting from top left – 1) ALO Drink £2.45. Made from real aloe Vera plants and containing aloe Vera pulp which to me tastes like lychee fruit. The juice is sweet, refreshing and healthy but the price is expensive for one bottle.

2) Rejuvenation water £1.99 – Despite being Spanish orange flavour, the spring water used in these drinks is from Derbyshire. Again healthy with many benefits but another pricey drink. One of these a day would set you back at just under £14 a week.

3) Cracker drinks £1.50 – cracker drinks offers more juice for the money, coming in a large carton and many flavours. 

4) QCumber – Spring water infused with cucumber?? Sounds healthy but the taste just was not for me with this one.

5) Berrywhite – Cans of refreshing fruity sparking beverages. Berry white was one of the first companies I wrote about on my blog 3 years ago and I am glad to see they are still about.

Next up, the snacks, both sweet and savoury. In Julys box I got five different tasty ones.

6) Brookside chocolates £3.40 – These have nothing to do with the old tv soap/series. They are much better! Being balls of chocolate infused with exotic fruit and berry flavours, just lovely.

7) Rowntrees fruit pastel infusions £1.29 – A famous name and sweets that have been around since I was little. I’m more used to seeing these in rolls rather than bags. The fruit pastels in this bag come in 3 flavours which are all lovely.

8) Bahlsen Choc Leibnz 4x40p – A favourite biscuit of mine and my children. These are now available in smaller travel size packs containing 4 biscuits per pack.

9) Itsu crispy seaweed thins 2x£1.00 – I can’t see these being for everyone but they are quite small and seem okay for putting prawns and seafood on, almost like a sushi cracker. Or crumble them up over a salad.

10) Seabrook crisps £1.99 – I really enjoy Seabrook crisps, always guaranteed to be full of flavour. The new flavours seem to have had a whole new packet makeover too. The flavour I recieved is chorizo. They are gluten free and the price is for a big sharing bag.

And finally a few cupboard items and essentials which can usually be stored and have a good shelf life.

11) Jordans Swiss style muesli £2.79 – I’m not a breakfast person at all but my 9 year old daughter loves her muesli and especially this brand. A blend of oats, wheat flakes, raisins and almonds. 

12) Sarsons £1.99 – We often use the regular vinegar from Sarsons but this one is recommended for salads and as an ingredient. It will last ages too. 

13) Felix Gerkhins £2.15 – And Julys final product; its Gerkhins. Hmm not too sure what to do with these! Gerkhins are not my favourite thing and the only recollection I have of trying them is biting into a plain burger at McDonald’s ages ago and not being too impressed. Well they are preserved nicely in vinegar and I’m sure if family are round at Xmas then someone may eat them so worth saving. The Gerkhins are apparently handpicked over in Sweden too.

Anyway that’s my lot for now and quite a few products to test and write about as always. If I had to pick favourites then it’s the Brookside chocolates and ALO drink I think.

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