Princess Peppa’s carriage 

I have a very poorly young lady at the moment. She has had on/off bouts of sickness and tummy pain for almost 2 weeks and constant trips to the doctor. Therefore a new toy is just what she needed to cheer her up just a little. Plus she is also a huge fan of Peppa pig.

The new princess carriage toy is part of a new Peppa pig range which includes lots of items relating to princess’s, different characters and playsets with multiple themes.

The toy comes ready assembled and reminds me of a toy version of one of those pink carriages they have on Blackpool prom. The carriage being in pink of course and dome shape just fit for a princess. Three white horses attach to the carriage and pull it along with Sir George as the coach master.

It is not a battery operated toy, so Izebella uses her  own imagination to play with it. She will take out the two figures (Peppa and George) for which she puts on different voices for each and makes them have conversations before placing them back in the carriage. She will also move just the horses and say they have escaped and it’s quite amusing to watch her as she has such a funny imagination. 

Both the included figures are clearly recognisable characters from the tv series and there is room for more figures to sit too, so I’m thinking these may be available to buy separately at some point.

It is £29.99 for this playset. On first glance it did not look like much for the money but it’s keeps  Izebella entertained for a while and cheers her up a little so I’m happy with it. It feels strong enough to withstand normal toddler play and safe enough for a 3 year old too.

The new Peppa pig toys are available at Smyths toys

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