Limited edition zelfs (and how to get one)

We all love zelfs in our house (well us females do anyway). Zelfs are cute little troll like creatures and my girls have happily been collecting them since series one began. 

Character online will be bringing  out series six of the zelfs at the end of July, in toy stores across the UK. This means there are literally hundreds of different zelfs to collect. My girls have a few of them in all different sizes and a few playsets, but what they did not have, until now is one of the rarer zelfs. 

This is the (very) limited edition Mary Go-Round Carousel pony zelfs. It is rare, as there are only 400 available in the UK, and as we have one; that now makes 399.

This zelf is more like a little unicorn than a regular pony I think. She has four legs and a little blue horn on the head. Like most zelfs she comes with a few small accessories including a comb, charm, hairband and the collectors leaflet. 

Now all you zelf lovers will no spun be wondering which shop you can buy one of these from and how much etc. Well: I’m sorry to say but you can’t! You just cannot buy one because they are not for sale. 

However if you love your zelfs then what you need to do is go out and spend Β£30 on zelfs or zelf accessories, keep the receipts and head over to Evolution comps. On this page you will beable to enter a competition to win the angelic mermaid zelf and also claim the limited edition one (click box at bottom of page). These zelfs need to be claimed by the end of September and only while stocks last. 

Mary Go-Round carousel pony is the rarest zelf yet so will probably be very much sort after.

If you didn’t already know then there is an online Zelfs club which gives lots of zelfs news and chances to win zelfs. 

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