Sterling publishing: kids book titles.

Two weeks ago we recieved yet another great collection of kids titles, all of which can be found in the Sterling publishing kids catalogue. We have four new books in total and yes our big book shelf is now quickly resembling a mini library, but at least they won’t be bored on a rainy day. 

Lol: A Keepsake journal of hilarious Q&A 

This is one book I would of loved when younger. It is full of funny and sometimes slightly embarrassing questions asking all sorts of random things. There’s a lot of other stuff too including doodles and jokes and its fun throughout. It includes space to write answers too. 

This book is by author Brandon T Snider who also authored the Dark knight annual. It’s a very new publication and sells for about Β£10, I have seen a few offers for less on Amazon. 

It’s a great fun book, perfect for boring cold days or before bed boredom.

Flash kids work books 

For those at school, books like these can greatly enhance learning. The Flash kids have produced both reading fundamentals and Summer study for various school grades. The only slight problem I have with these titles is that they are both American and American school grades differ slightly to our school years here. I have Summer study grade 5 which is designed for 10/11 years and reading fundamentals for grade 6 which is 11/12 years unlike our year 6 being 10/11 years. 

Summer study combines maths and reading activities into 180 pages, lots of activities for the summer holidays. The grading I chose may be ever so slightly old for Jordanna but by looking through it, I know that she will beable to complete some of the activities now.

I did spot the odd puzzle involving money, as this is in dollars, the money puzzles may prove tricky for kids who are more used to pounds. The rest of the puzzles seem pretty straightforward though. 

Reading fundamentals is certainly something that is included in SATS exams as Ryan would often bring sheets home to practice. This book gives a page of txt to read on various subjects and then a list of questions to answer on the adjoining page. Rather than just questions and answers it may ask the reader true, false, underline/circle words or other options.

For both the flash kids books, the answers are given at the back of each, tho best not to let kids know that. 

Both books come priced in dollars but reading fundamentals are about Β£6.00 each and Summer study just over Β£7.00. Each of the books comes with a choice of school grade or level.

ABC Rainforest 

This final rather picturesque book comes from the American museum of natural history. It is a hard back board picture book designed for the younger ones 2-5 years. 

18 colour board pages goes through the A-Z of a rainforest, many of the animals unheard of and a picture with each one plus a brief description. As well as many animals, children will also spot plants and flowers.

Izebella really enjoys animal pictures and learning about different animals. It is perfect for her age (3), the pages are tough board so they can’t be ripped or damage like normal books, she’s quite gentle anyway luckily. 

Price for this one is approximately Β£6.99.

All of the above titles can be found on Amazon and most good book stores. 

Sterling books

We was kindle sent these book titles from GMC group.

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