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Sing my name is about your brilliant gifts for children thatare not only fun, but personalized as well! They have got magnificent gift ideas for personalised children’s gifts that are perfect for every occasion! 

The alarm clocks are lots of fun and come in a variety of different colours. They seem good for the older child who understands time or those who find it hard to get up in the mornng. 

They are in the old fashioned style of alarm clocks and are free standing. They need 3 AA batteries and are extremely loud. The alarm is a wake up song featuring the child’s name. Just listen to this. 

There is a way of putting your  own songs or music onto the clock and it does have a cable input at the back but does not come with the cable. 

Jordanna has the “girls stuff” design. This one comes in a lilac colour with images for the loser girl of shoes and lipstick. There is a pink fairy clock for younger girls and two blue designs with football or a car image (which Ryan has) 

And finally an orange clock for those who don’t want pink or blue.  The clocks come in a gift box with full instructions. The back of the box has space to write out the recipients name. 

The wake up song on the clock is quite loud and is sure to wake up even the deepest sleepers.

Each clock costs £24.99 and make perfect extra gift for Christmas. 

Sing my name also provide personalised CDs. The CDs contain 8-12 tracks each and there are currently three different CDs to choose from – music, animals and Christmas. Each song will feature the child’s name in the lyrics as well as on the CD itself.

These personalised CDs cost £14.95 each one.

Finally the Personalised music players. Now these are so groovy and funky, I can’t help but want one myself. 

It’s a bunny shaped device in either pink or blue. When ours arrived it did need charging, the USB cable comes included and works off a standard iPhone plug. This comes with 12 personalised songs including the same wake up song found on the alarm clocks. It includes a sleepy time lullaby for bed time and even a happy birthday song for that special day.

And yes it has a nightlight too which is the perfect soft glow to accompany the bed time song. The light is activated by one of rabbits hands and the music can be changed and paused via the buttons on rabbits belly. On the back is a volume control as just like the clocks, it can get loud.

The music player has been given to Izebella and she was absolutely fascinated by it and also found it quite amusing when it sang her name.

The added bonus to this music player is that it has 4GB memory and so parents can put lots more songs onto it by connecting to a laptop. The story mode button allows parents to record stories for their child too. 

The sound quality is spot on for a child’s device. It actually sounds like a high quality speaker.

The price for one music player is £39.95. And don’t forget it will hold hundreds of your own songs too. 

Personalisation options are given when buying and there are other language options as well as English.

All of the sing my name products can be purchased on the website and also in Hamleys, Harrods and Fenwick stores.

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