Educational play: the Schleich way

The world of Schleich offers figurines and play sets for children all over the world. The Schleich company was started 80 years ago and their realistic looking toys are designed to encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Schleich have created a downloadable brochure called “Educational play, the Schleich way”

This brochure provides many hints, tips and ideas to encourage play for children. The brochure offers alternative ideas for families to encourage less time in front of the tv and more time in actual play.

It also gives actual games that can be played with younger ones such as “what’s the animal”.

There are tips to encourage sharing which my kids do sometimes struggle with. Ideas for language development too which playing plays a big factor in. Izebella is 3 and from her being just a few weeks old I was reading to her and showing her toys etc. By 6 months she was putting 2 words together and she now has conversations like an older child would, so therefore I know playing with your child even from an early age, can really help with their language. 

As well as being able to download a copy of the brochure, we also have some of the Schleich animal figures. 

This is the first time I have come across any of the Schleich range and Izebella loves animals of any sort. They are quite realistic both in features and the size scale comparison when placed next to another animal. We have the giraffe and tiger from the safari collection and a cow from the farm animals. For the size of them, they do pack an ample weight and are far from flimsy. Very tough and durable and good for both inside and outdoor use. They don’t come with any pull off parts either and are safe enough for younger ones to put in mouths. 

Schleich animals come as single figures and sometimes in bundles, some of the animals even have matching babies and there are also animal playsets too. Schleich products can be found in most good toy stores.


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