Don’t lose it! Nametag it! 

Having three children means lots of clothes and lots of uniform. My kids can be quite careless and often leave uniform or coats and bags at school, sometimes never to be seen again. Schools have hundreds of pupils all wearing the same clothes so it’s easy to see why so many things become lost. It is always a good idea to label everything kids take to school. This includes their uniform, P.E kits, coats, bag and stationery items. Many people use pens or markers but the problem with this is that it washes off. Others may use sew in labels but I am totally useless at any sort of sewing and I’d be here all day doing 3 lots. Then come the iron on labels which I have used, I did find that they eventually start to peel off and of course as it needs the heat from an iron they can go wrong. Using the iron method also means that children can’t really help to apply their own labels.

I have now found the perfect solution for children’s labels and its from My name tags

My name tags provide personalised name labels for children. They do both iron on labels and the stick on labels. I prefer these stick on labels to any other method. With “my name tags” you can create hundreds of different designs to personalise. They have many different coloured backgrounds and small fun images can be added too. There are also options for personalisation such as writing fonts and colours. Making each set of labels unique. 

One of their newest themes for the name tags is Mr Men, which seem to be everywhere at the moment. I was more than happy for both my girls to have the new labels. I chose “Little Miss Princess” for Izebella and “Little Miss Chatterbox” for Jordanna. 

Ryan is a little old for Mr Men, so instead I was able to create this design for him.

For £11.95 you get a sheet of 56 personalised stickers. They peel off just like stickers and can be used anywhere on almost any surface. For clothes it’s best to stick them on the clothing labels, like this.

Once applied they stay stuck and it’s very hard to get them off. They can be washed in washing machines, dried in a drier and still won’t come off or be damaged. One sheet is more than enough for the new school year. My son goes on camp trips with scouts too so again his stuff needs to labelled and I can use the name tags again. As well as schools and holidays they also come in useful around the home, if siblings have the same toys, or toothbrushes etc, they will certainly save arguments. I am hoping these labels stop my children from losing their stuff from now on.

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