Bigjigs purple wings airplane

Izebella was recently sent over a huge box of toys from Bigjigs.

Bigjigs started out in 1985 making traditional wooden toys and has since expanded its range to include toys made with other materials such as their “Green toys”. Green toys are as they sound; environmentally friendly and made from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. The box they come in is also fully recyclable too.

One of Bigjigs green toys is this lovely airplane. 

This happens to be the purple wings limited edition version, there is a red and blue one too.  

It is very well designed with everything we would expect from a child’s plane. Izebella found it very sturdy and strong as she has dropped it a fair few times and luckily it remained intact. 

It resembles a glider plane rather than a big passenger version but is a perfect size for toddlers, far from tiny and not too large either. It has 2 front wheels, wings, a spinning propellor and various plane markings on all sides. 

There is a cockpit space, there was not any figures of any type included but Izebella has a box full of figures and small dolls from various playsets so has been attempting to put them inside. It’s a fairly small space so needs be something small to fit in. 

She was very  excited at the prospect of having her own plane. Bigjigs toys are natural and original so do not use or need batteries. This did not bother Izebella as she has a very vivid imagination and likes to invent stories and games. She will put her characters in the plane and roll it on the ground to take off and then spin it around in the air, making her own sounds like a real plane. 

She plays with it both inside and out and happily shows the plane to all her little friends too. 

And of course she loves the fact that it’s purple too, anything girly is a must for this little madam.

Purple plane costs Β£13.99 and suitable for little ones ages 12 months and over. But directly from Bigjigs.

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