Animal onesies at TP Fancy dress


What could that be crawling and miaowing around my home. It looks like a huge cat! But of course it’s just little Izebella.

We were recently given an opportunity to test out animal onesies from TP Fancy Dress (tickled pink fancy dress). I was also given a choice of animal onesie and these come in various types of animal including unicorns. The onesies come in sizes for both adults and children.

Izebella has a love of cats as she has one, and often thinks she is one; so the perfect choice for her was the tabby cat. 


Tabby cat comes in 2 sizes for children and Izebella has thesmaller size for 3-5 years so it is slightly big and baggy on her at the moment.  
It’s very cute, cosy, fluffy and warm. The hood is the cats face and it even has a tail. 


She spotted the onesie when she came home from nursery and put it straight on, refusing point blank to take it off. Then she started crawling on all fours, miaowing and said her name is now Daisy (our cats name).  

Izebella loves this cat onesie, she even insisted in sleeping in it too, tho it is very warm to wear so not recommended for warm summer nights. 

It seems a good quality outfit, thick and fluffy and it washes well too without any noticeable shrinkage or shape distortion. I dry it outside tho rather than the dryer just incase.

I’m not sure what the real cat makes of it all tho!


The kids kigurumi tabby cat costume costs £32.99 from TP Fancy dress.

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