Sterling kids book titles (GMC)

This month I have 2 titles, both of which are for younger readers and first readers. 

Love you more than anything is by Anne Harber Freeman and illustrated by Jed Henry. It’s one of those hard tough books and makes a lovely first reader/pre reader book.  

It reads as a lovely rhyming poem about how much someone can love and what things they love a person more than. The images show us a family of squirrels with mum, dad a boy a a girl. I’m unsure if it’s the kids or the parents saying how much they love the other but it’s a very cute short read. 

Both me and Izebella were quite bemused by one of the pages. 

Huggle, I thought was just a word Izebella used to say something inbetween cuddle and hug (she makes up many of her own words) but that word appears in this book too.  

It’s a short tough  book with very minimal txt, lots of images to tell the story and Izebella loves it.


           Teeny Tiny Toady

Next is another lovely book for perhaps a slightly older reader than the above title but still for a younger child. It’s Teeny Tiny Toady. The author is Jill Esbaum and illustrations by Keika Yamaguchi.

Teeny toady finds mama toady stuck in a bucket of water but is too tiny to help get her out. She quickly finds her 6 brothers who all go to help. However they too become stuck and it’s up to Teeny to try rescue them all. 

It’s a short fun story and it seems to be about helping eachother out in difficult situations and being a family. Each page shows lots of frog images.

Both titles can be purchased from Amazon..

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