Arshiner medical kit

Arshiner are an online retailer specialising in kids toys and apparel. They contacted me a few weeks ago and  I was able to choose a toy for Izebella. 

Izebella loves role play toys and dressing up so I chose this cute Pretend play doctors kit.  

It contains lots of accessories, everything that a young doctor in training needs. Inside the box are all these pieces – This Kit Included:1 x Medical Record,1 x Toys Stethoscope,2 x Toys Scissors,1 x Tweezers,1 x Mini Medicine Cabinet,1 x Dropper Medicine Bottle,1 x Toys Ointment,1 x Mini Handle Mirror,1 x Toys Syringes,1 x Medical Box,1 x Glasses.  

There is little need to worry about pieces getting lost at the bottom of a toy because all the pieces come in a sturdy carry case. Unfortunaly some of the accessories are a bit flimsy and feel like they will break or become squashed easily; but so far so good and Izebella is always careful with her toys. 

She was a happy little girl to get her new doctors kit and especially so as its all in her favourite colour, being pink. (It does come in blue too). She now practices being a doctor on all of us, checking our hearts and chest, looking in eyes and ears, pretending to cut, cream on, medicine, injections etc. Even putting the rather geeky looking glasses on.

It certainly keeps her happy for a good half hour at a time and encourages her to use her inaginaton to be a doctor treating (us) “the patients”.

This kit is priced in US dollars at $14.58. Other toys and games sold by Arshiner can be viewed here.

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