Degustabox March

Here it is! The March Degustabox reveal. 

This came with themes of Easter and morning time (now that it’s lighter it’s much better).

1) The first thing to go was the huge bag of Pipers Crisps Β£2.00, in cheddar and onion flavour. The crisps do come in the standard 40g packs too but this one is the larger 150g sharing bags. These crisps are very tasty. 

2) And then some popcorn from Metcalfe’s Β£1.50. This cinema sweet variety contains less sugar than all other sweet popcorn varieties yet maintains the great cinema sweet taste. We decided to have a bit of a movie night with our big bag of popcorn. 

3) Another great item in the box, perfect for a night of movies was the chewits, 35p a pack. Everyone has heard and probably tried chewits. After all they have been around for 50 years now. In my box I found 4 packs. 

4) Kallo sweet and savoury Β£1.00 – Β£1.89. 
Kallo is a brand I have become familiar with and mainly for their delicious chocolate covered rice cakes as above. They make a great snack. 

Kallo also do a savoury range which icludes their Kallo quinoa and seed multigrain cakes. 


5) Parle – is an Indian biscuit brand. Two of their biscuit selections include Monaco 39p which are a little like the old ritz cracker biscuits. Then hide & seek 59p, being a favourite chocolate biscuit in India.  

6) Brioche Pasquier is a brand we are all starting to love and especially so at breakfast time. This month we got to try some new Pains au chocolat and these contained crème patisserie inside. We enjoy them heated in the microwave for about 30 seconds. £1.40.

7) Weetabix on the go, Β£1.50 each  

Protein drinks that taste just like a fruity shake and contain all the energy and fibre of a weetabix cereal with milk. I do not like the taste of weetabix cereal but I did enjoy these.

8) Kents Kitchen stuffing Β£1.85. Unlike traditional stuffing that comes in packets, this one comes in a tub but is made pretty much the same way. They contain real pieces of chunky fruits aswell as herbs and spices and can be mixed with water in the tubs, then roasted and served with dinner. 


9) Lindt white gold bunny Β£2.99. Well as you can probably imagine I was very happy to find one of these in my box and it arrived just after Easter weekend too. Lindt is one of my favourite chocolate brands and this bunny went down a treat. 


10) Karaytis Β£1.99 – Not heard of these before. Think light snacking! You get crackers and a dip, in this case being a roast red pepper and tangy feta. The idea being the crackers get dunked. Thus making a quick Mediterranean treat. 

11) DBs Discoveries. Good hemp coconut milk. Β£1.79. There seems to be many varieties of coconut milk hitting the shelves all at once recently. This again claiming to be a dairy alternative for those who can’t drink cows milk. Whilst I think it tastes okay alone, I would not recommend adding to a cup of tea as it just did not taste right. I think it would be okay on cereal and also is good for adding to smoothies. 
So there is the March Degustabox reveal and what a lovely big box it was too.

The OFFER CODE is still on if you want to try a box. This code gets you Β£6 off a box which usually costs Β£12.99 a month. Use code BLDEG15 at checkout on the Degustabox website where lots more information about the boxes can be found. They are also on Twitter via @degustaboxuk and Instagram too #degustabox_uk.


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