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 It’s always hard to come up with new recipes that don’t take hours to cook. Cooking is nig something I find easy with 3 young children who all like different things. Annabel Karmel knows what it’s like to juggle a busy life too and she has bought out this new cook book to help mums just like me.
The book is packed full of recipes and this includes pasta, salad, meat, poultry, fish, veg dishes and desserts. Many of them come with photographs. 

The book is divided into chapters which include 20 minute recipes, recipes using 6 ingredients, prepare ahead, Lunchboxes and snacks, store cupboard, entertaining and sweets. 

I have been having a good look through at everything and have found that the majority of recipes use ingredients that are easily found in shops and stores so therefore no hunting round for anything difficult. Each one comes with easy step by step instructions and a full ingredients list as well as prep and cooking time. 

The first thing we made is from the “prepare ahead” section. This section gives recipe ideas of meals that can be made in advance and many of them can then be frozen. The meal we made is the “Mediterranean oven baked chicken”   


We used fillet instead of drumsticks for ours. It’s really easy and just requires the chicken and some vegetables and tomato paste. Ours does look more red in colour than the one in the book, but went down pretty well for our dinner.  


Of course I just had to attempt something sweet too.   


This is the berry and white chocolate tart. It’s made like a cheesecake with a biscuit base and cream plus fruit on top. Unfortunaly I could not find any blueberries so this one just ended up with raspberries and chocolate on top. It’s delicious.  

There are lots and lots of other tasty looking things to make in this book. Ryan loves it too and is already deciding on what to make next.
The book was published just last month (Feb 2016) it has an RRP of £20.00.

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