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Amazing magazine is for children. It’s educational covering subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Arts, Geography, History, Personal development and much more. The subjects are all covered in a fun way which is bound to keep kids reading. Some of it may seem silly such as zombies and slime but it’s set out in a clever way throughout which links in with the national curriculum. 

Each magazine starts off with a category index and as you can see here, each one covers a lot of educational subjects on every page. 

These magazines are packed full of interesting facts about the world, our bodies, things around us and a step back in time with lots of history. 


There is also competitons, puzzles and experiments to do at home, stories, fun things to make and so much more. All  done in a really fun way with lots of things to look at. It sort of makes me wish boring adult magazines were a bit like this. 

Amazing magazine can be purchased by subscription of Β£49 for 12 issues or digital subscription for Β£23.99. Single issues can be purchased too, all at the Amazing website. I have a special discount code too which gets you 10% off a subscription. Just use code WOW10 at checkout.


Amazing are giving away 10 copies of their next magazine (due out May 10th) so you can sample it for yourself. To enter you must be a U.K. resident and enter by April 11th 2016.

Winners must reply to the winning email by April 14th.



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