Bahlsen biscuits

Whist my 3 little ones were happily munching on Easter eggs and making me feel a little left out, a lovely package arrived full of Bahlsen biscuits. So; it turns out I did get treated over Easter after all.

If you have not heard of Bahlsen then you may very well have spotted these fine looking packets in your local supermarket and at E even been tempted to try them!  

And you should, because these are probably one of the finest, tastiest makes of biscuit around. These are the Choco Leibniz. I have been enjoying them for years and these are possibly what Bahlsn is best known for. 

The biscuits look like rectangle slabs. Plain sweet biscuit on the bottom and coated in a thick layer of chocolate. Just delicious and just the thought of dipping them in a hot brew! (Which I have done many times)

I have been used to buying packets of milk and dark Leibniz for some time. There are now 3 more varieties being white, orange and caramel. The only real problem is deciding which ones to buy and try first.

I find Leibniz in almost every supermarket I shop in and that’s all of them. They usually cost between Β£1 – Β£1.50 a packet and I find them on offer a lot too. 
As well as the delicious Leibniz biscuits, Bahlsen also makes lots of other biscuits and treats. These include the Pick Up! selection. 

With these you get 2 biscuits and inbetween a slab of chocolate. I had previous tried the milk chocolate one and was pleased to see 3 new varieties in these too. Dark chocolate, Choco & caramel, & Black n white. These come as four and five packs and each biscuit comes individually wrapped. They are therefore good for trips out and lunches. 

Again these can also be picked up in most supermarkets at a very low cost.

Bahlsen is the leading biscuit brand in Germany and it’s easy to understand why because they are just so damn tasty.

By the way, I did not eat them all myself, I did share! 

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