Project Mc2 dolls

A brand new range of fashion dolls has recently been launched by MGA Entertainment. This is the same company who bring smiles to faces of little girls everywhere with their ranges of Bratz, moxie girls and Lalaloopsy to name a few. 

The new “Project Mc2” dolls combine style and science and together. Whereas bratz have the more rock edge appeal, these dolls have a slight geek chick lifestyle.

The dolls were launched last August alongside a Netflix series of the same name. The dolls therefore being based on the series characters.

There are 4 dolls in the collection. Each with their own personality and style.

The S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) dream team includes;

​· McKeyla McAlister (M2) – Team leader, undercover spy and seriously into her


​· Adrienne Attoms (A2)– High heel lover, culinary chemist and β€œpretty brilliant” 

​· Bryden Bandweth (B2)– Tech wizz, effortlessly cool and ahead of everything that’s #trending 

​· Camryn Coyle (C2)– Construction queen, skateboard champion and a super impressive IQ 

 Even their friendship makes mathematical sense – based on the Pythagorean theorem that

A2 + B2 = C2

There have already been a few different series of these dolls released but this is the first time we have seen one.  

These dolls come with their very own experiments and some pretty cool accessories. Jordanna has been sent the Camryn doll which comes with skateboard pieces to build. It’s easy and all just clicks together. 

The doll can then be placed on the skateboard or in her doll stand which also comes included along with a brush. 

Each doll comes with a different experiment. Also included were several rolls of what appeared to be blank paper but when you add water or hold them to a light they reveal hidden skateboard blu prints. 


The dolls clothes are fully removeable and interchangeable and they are standard size of most fashion dolls. The one strange thing we did find is that the hands and arms easily come off the doll and at first Jordanna was worried she had broke it. It does go back together easy enough but seems like it should be fixed on a little better.
 The dolls with experiments cost Β£24.99 each. Dolls without experiments are available too at Β£14.99 these come with distinct outfits. Other accessories such as a digital notebook are also available.

There is also a free Mc2 app for download.


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