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Following on from the success of favourites such as Cicciobello Love n Care and Tinkle Time, the Giochi Preziosi Group has been continually committed to developing new versions of its popular large doll brand that introduce unique features and play patterns for little girls to discover. In 2016 Cicciobello Sunny is to make an appearance, a new smaller doll who will take playtime outdoors, where he loves to tan, but is always mindful to teach little ones important lessons on sun safety.

We were sent our new Ciccobello doll a few weeks ago. The doll is just like many others with moveable joints and hair that can be brushed. He comes dressed in beach/summer clothes and with several accessories. 

The doll is for playing with just like any other but he also comes with an important message and features which is all about sun safety and making sure children do not burn in the sun.

Many parents prepare well for holidays abroad, being sure to pack sun cream, hats and sunglasses. However many parents are far more relaxed in the Summer and warm Spring months here in the UK. This means many children are not protected from harmful sun rays here. Many parents and older children do not think it’s hot enough or strong enough sun in this country to need protection. Add to that the very unpredictable British weather where one day it rains and the next is blazing sunshine and many people just aren’t prepared. 

Young children are far more sensitive to heat and sun rays than adults or older children and teenagers and thus need more protection in the warmer months. It’s important to regularly apply sun cream every few hours and more if children are in pools or water. Sun hats protect the scalp from sunburn and minimise the risk of sunstroke and a good pair of sunglasses protect the eyes. These things don’t cost much. When we think about what we spend to protect our children from the cold in winter such as coats and hats and gloves, yet sun protection is just as important if not more.

The Ciccobello sunny doll aims to teach children a little about what happens in the sun. It’s been hit and miss testing it out as the weather has not been great recently and only 2 days of sun that I can recall so far. 

The doll comes with sunglasses, a sun necklace and a sun bracelet which the child can wear. When this doll is exposed to the sun his tummy skin tone will start to darken, like a tan. 

The sun necklace will also turn from white to shades of pink and purple dependant on exposure. Marks also appear around the eyes and face, just like they would on a small child without any sun protection. Once back inside and out of the sun, it all disappears. The sun bracelet works the same as the dolls sun pendant and can be worn by a child in the sun. 

The doll is aimed to help children use sun protection. Children will enjoy applying sun cream to the doll and therefore have no problems applying it to themselves too. It is aimed at the really younger age group of 2-4 years. Izebella was quite fascinated that her doll could tan and also that her bracelet changes colour when it’s warmer and she knows that she needs to put cream ok when it’s a hot day or her skin may burn. 

It costs around Β£29.99 for one the dolls and they need no batteries. 


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