Zoingo Boingo

Yes we have sunshine and a slight glimmer of hope for the summer. With warm weather comes outdoor play and here is our latest gadget. 

It’s called “Zoingo Boingo” which sounds like something from darkest Africa. It’s one of those toys that looks simple, is simple to put up but maybe not that easy to get used to. It reminds me of somethng inbetween a bouncy hopper and pogo stick. It’s like a big ball in a plastic disc with stretchy handles. It’s fun but not the easiest thing to get the hang of.

It does require a ball pump which unfortunately does not come included so much to Ryan’s annoyance we did have to wait two days for a ball pump to arrive. The shops near me don’t seem to sell them any more. The ball needs part pumping then pushing through the disc and repumping until big enough. 

Although pumping the ball is easy it can be hit or miss to get the ball just right for bouncing on, too hard and it won’t move off the floor and too soft or small and it will fall through the blue foot plate.

It needs no batteries and kind of resembles an old fashioned type of toy (pre video games) it’s somethng that Ryan’s friends all want a go of too. 

Anyway here is Ryan’s firsr demonstration video on how the Zoingo Boingo works.

We have had laughter, frustration and some other strange faces since he got it. Luckily nice weather too so he got to test it outside as well as inside, outside being a bit safer. 

What your meant to do is somehow get both your feet on the footplate then hold the stretchy handles and bounce. It can be difficult at first to get both feet onto the plate as balance is the key thing with this.

The main problem Ryan had was the ball kept coming out of the footplate and we had to adjust the pumping and ball size a few times.

It is suitable for children 7 and over. Jordanna has been too unwell to have a go on it yet but plenty of time for her to try it too.

And here he is again showing off his bouncing skills.

This is probably going to be a pretty popular summer toy this year and especially so once kids see the adverts for it. The adverts seem to make it look much easier than what it is and it is somethng that takes a bit of practice on. Getting kids outdoors and playing outdoors this summer has many health and fitness benefits.
This toy costs Β£24.99 from Flair toys 

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