Vosene back to school hair habits 

A while ago I was sent a lovely package from Vosene kids with a selection of their hair and bath products. 

They have since asked me to help them by giving them some school hair habits and especially so as schools are about to finish for Easter. I have two girls with long thick hair so school hair habits are important. So here goes!

  • Keep long hair tied up, either pony tails or braids. This will help reduce lice infestation
  • Use a detangling product containing tea tree 
  • Use conditioners and shampoo containing either tea tree or other suitable lice repellant.
  • Check hair regularly, use a nit comb
  • Keep to simple hair styles, kids run around a lot and play. If the hair comes out it may be difficult to fix a complicated style.
  • Use minimum hair accessories and nothing expensive. If lost your child will be upset.
  • For very thick hair invest in lots of good detangling products and serums (I have a drawer full) they don’t cost the earth.
  • Invest in a small brush for children with long hair and pop in their school bag for messy moments.
  • Teach children how to brush hair from a early age.
  • Use a good conditioner in hot weather to stop hair drying out and encourage your child to wear a sun hat.

And those are my hair tips. Feel free to comment with your own hair tips below.

Vosene kids uk

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