Secret Fairy door 

This beautiful enchanting little fairy door kit comes to us from the guys over at Interplay. Children and especially girls in particular will love having their own little fairy in their room.

Discover the wonderful world of The Secret Fairy Door!

It’s a really simple kit and does not need batteries or any sort of building or setting up. 

Inside the box is the fairy door itself which is made from the tough toy plastic (I have no idea what they call this stuff!), also a fairy, hedgehog and mushroom figures along with several sheets of fairyland stickers. 


The fairy door is ready assembled so it can all be played with straight from the box. The door itself is super cute and colourful and certainly reminds me of something found in a childhood fairytale. One of those isolated mystery houses that children come across deep in the woods perhaps!  

The door opens up and the fairy figure can be placed inside. The door can then be locked with a small key which also comes with the kit. 

The key is really small and imagine it will probably be lost within a week. However it’s more a toy lock which is easily opened with say a screwdriver or anything small enoygh to fit inside the hole. 


The door can be stuck to skirting boards via clips and sticky pads on the back, or be free standing and moved around the house so the fairy gets a new place to live. 

 The stickers can be applied anywhere and probably best on a blank painted wall. They come off easy enough too and don’t always stay on the walls for long. There is a enchanted tree sticker along with butterflies and more fairies. 

Finally the fairy book which tells a lovely fairy story and the life of a tree throughout changing seasons. 

It’s a very nice gift and although it’s not something ther children can really play with for hours on end it does make a very pretty addition to a child’s room. The stickers certainly add a bit of life to boring walls too.

The fairy door costs £17.99 and Interplay also have lots of other fairy type products to keep little ones intrigued. 

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