Degustabox February

February’s Degustabox bought with it hints from Valentine’s Day and even a bit of Mother’s Day with some tasty cakes and treats. All of us have been suffering with runny noses and coughs recently so it’s always nice to receive our monthly box of goodies to cheer us all up. 


Inside the box!

1) Hartley’s Jelly pots. Hartley’s being a very well known brand of jelly. The two varieties come in many flavours. One is pure jelly and the smaller pot is jelly with fruit pieces. I did not get to try mine as my children quickly ate them all. I had 4 jelly pots in the box. 2 X 50p, 2 X 70p 


2) Sarsons vinegar. Another well known brand tho this time bottles vinegar, great on chips and just what my cupboard was in need of as I had just ran out of the stuff. 70p.


3) Nutribix. Think weetabix but made in a different way and using coconut, honey and grains. I’m not a cereal person so yet another one my kids get to enjoy. Β£3.79 per box, so not a cheap one.

4) Mr Kipling – Of course is has to be cakes and in this case it’s cake slices. They come in many varieties which include fruit and chocolate versions and all made with British oats. Β£1.49.

5) Beloved Dates. Bring their bars made With dates (obviously) and other ingredients. They are cereal bars. I’m not a lover of dates so yet again my children are more than happy to try them. 2 X 59p. 

6) Divine Chocolate. 2 bars of a much needed delicious chocolate fix to get me through this awful cold. Divine caramel bars are just delicious. 2 X Β£1.00 

7)The London crisp company . I do love finding a bag of crisps that I have not tried before. These are new to me and a big bag too. Again a few flavours to choose and these really fill you up. Β£2.29. 

8) Ritz crisp. I am familiar with these. It’s a strange but good combination between a cracker and a crisp but quite addictive once you get started. Β£2.19.

8) J20. Everyone by now has probably heard of J20. They have recently bought out their new spritz range which combines fizz with blended fruits. Very refreshing. 2 X Β£2.49

9) Vithit. Juice drinks with added vitamins. Containing real juices. Β£1.80.

10) Db’s discoveries- Nothing But 

I have tried these fruit and vegetable snacks a few times. It’s one of those freeze dried snacks and therefore nothing added: just fruit or veg. I like some of the fruit varieties but not the vegetable ones. Cold dry hard bits of parsnip are just not my thing. I don’t mind when it’s apple or banana tho. 2 X Β£1.19.
That concludes my February Degustabox reveal. 

Here is the Β£6.00 first box discount of the usual Β£12.99 price. BLDEG15. Use at checkout.

You can find Degustabox website here. They are also on social networks too. Twitter @Degustaboxuk and Instagram #Degustaboxuk.


  1. March 7, 2016 / 12:28

    Oh yum! What a great box. There is a lot of tasty treats this month πŸ™‚ x

  2. March 7, 2016 / 18:27

    I’ve always wanted to subscribe but then I don’t. I’m allergic to nuts so I feel like a lot of products will include them. Still this was a really good review! It’s a good box for the little one.

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