Smart Ass family game

Our games cupboards have yet a new addition with the arrival of what looks like a silly donkey on a box. It’s actually an ass and to be honest I don’t know the difference. 

Smart Ass is for the slightly older child from 12 upwards. Jordanna has joined in serveral times too but being just 8 she does find it harder with some answers but not always.  

It’s a board game so comes with the usual board, hundreds of question cards and strange dice with just 4 numbers on plus a coloured dice with 3 colours. 8 people can play and therefore 8 counters.

There is nothing really difficult about playing it apart from some of the questions. The cards are split into 3 main categories – green for “where am I”, blue is “what am I” and orange is “who am I”. 

These question cards each contain 10 clues. Players take turns to be the reader, they roll the coloured dice and read out the correct card. Reading  out all 10 clues,  the other players can shout out when they think they know the answer. The correct guesse then rolls the number dice and gets to move their piece. The reader role then passes to the next player and so on. If no one gets the answer after all 10 clues then the card reader that turn gets to roll and move. 

Some of the answers are easy, others more difficult and especially so the “Who am I” when it’s older actors or people before my time. 

Along the board are a few spaces to trip you up. Dumb ass space means you are frozen out of the next round and can’t answer. There is a go back 3 spaces square and then “Hard ass”. If you land on this you get a red question card. On these cards is just one clue and they are pretty hard questions but answering gives another roll.

The winner is of course the one to land on the finishing spot first.  

I’m  When it’s just me and my children playing I change the rules slightly. The rule states that players only get one turn to shout out their answer but when it’s just 3 of us it’s much easier and a bit more fun to shout out 2 or 3 answers especially given that my kids are 8 and 11 (almost 12). It’s one of those games where it’s easy to change some rules to suit. It’s also lots of fun and especially good to play with a large group of friends.

Smart Ass comes from University games and can be purchased from many good toy and game stores.

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