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Jordanna has recently received a Tag Jewellery making kit from Interplay. This set is part of the My Style kits which includes similar sets and all aimed at girls between 8-12 years.  

The thought of making jewellery does sound quite daunting and maybe quite difficult. However this kit is really easy with good instructions throughout. The box contains enough parts to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Each jewellery piece begins with a lump of clay from the included big block. This clay is really hard at first and needs softening by squashing ans rolling in hands. We started off with an easy necklace. 

The clay is shaped into a rectangle with a hole for the necklace string. Inside the box are tiny letter stamps which include a few symbols such as love hearts and music notes among others. These are imprinted on the clay. Gold or silver dust can be applied and then it goes in the oven to harden. 

 Once baked, and cooled; black paint can be applied to the letters and a varnish can be added. It’s actually a PVA glue stick rather than actual varnish but it does give a slight shine once dried. Just be careful because I squoze the tube too hard and quite a bit came out. The PVA can be mixed with water so not as thick. 

Adding the black string to make a necklace was also pretty easy. It helps to make sure the initial hole in the clay is large enough as it will shrink in the oven. 

There’s a few clasps and joining rings to add to the string but again pretty straightforward and not to fiddly. 

And then in just 40 minutes we have a very fashionable working necklace to wear. 

There are lots of other necklaces and bracelets to be made. Earrings too tho none of my girls have their ears pierced yet. The book gives a few good ideas but it’s always good to come up with your own ideas too.

This kit costs about £12.99 and should be available in many good toy stores. It is surprisingly easy to do.

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