GMC books for kids

I have recently received two more books from The GMC group. The books are very different from eachother. One being a classic kids story and the other full of useful facts. 


The little guide to science

The Little guide to science by Catherine de Duve is great for littlr science boffins like Ryan. It explains many scientific wonders starting with the Big Bang and dinosaurs through to more recent wonders like electricity and satellites.  

 There are some really cool images throughout on every page. Lots of science tips and event the odd experiment to be found. All the planets are in there along with a few famous names in science so it may come in useful for homework.  

 And this book can be purchased for just Β£6.99.

               The Secret Garden

Moving on to a classic lovely tale I remember well from my own childhood and it’s The Secret Garden by France’s Hodgson Burnett. I remember this book well because there was also a tv series on at the same time. The story tells of a orphan girl sent to live with relatives in England in a big old spooky house. The girl then discovers a hidden locked secret garden and the adventures of restoring it all begin. It’s a lovely story of adventure and friendship. This book is made extra special with its gold gilding edging. 
It’s a big book with almost 300 pages. The txt is quite small so probably best for older readers perhaps 10 and over. 

This book is mostly text throughout but there are some beautiful images to be found throughout. 

This book is a little more expensive being Β£19.99 but it’s a well designed book and of course a great read.

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