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Everyone is used to chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day. This year I have received something a little different from the lovely people over at Custom cookie. This was a lovely box full of love and heart shaped cookies. 

 Each cookie is totally edible and delicious. 

Now unfortunately they are not taking any more Valentine orders as they have just too many to get through. Tho never fear because they bake cookies all year round for any occasion including birthdays and of course Mother’s Day and Easter are just around the corner.  

 The cookies can be made in all shapes, sizes and designs and even with names on. They arrive in a lovely presentation box, all wrapped up like a gift. 

They can be made for adults and children alike. Prices vary dependant on what you need. I really love the valentines cookies that we were sent and to be honest it’s probably the only Valentine gift I will be getting this year. Me and the three have been happily sharing them. 

The box contained a lovely variety of big and small cookies and a few different flavours too. Each one individually iced. They make a lovely gift for anyone.  

Visit Custom cookie for more details and lots of cookie images and videos.

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