My Pure #3 – Trilogy Botanical lightening treatment.

This month I am reviewing just the one product from My Pure

This is the Botanical lightening treatment and as with all My Pure products it is made with pure natural ingredients.  

 It’s a daily use product which aims to lighten and brighten to give a more youthful complexion. I am quite lucky to look a little younger than the grand old age of 38, but that doesn’t mean that my face is perfect. I have been noticing the odd lines on the head and other places here and there. I really don’t want to be looking old before my time. 

The product also claims to help reduce and prevent pigmentation and age spots as well as giving instant illumination. 

The best way to apply is this before the make up, this way it saves the need for a primer/highlighting product too and containing the natural ingredients means it’s also good for the skin when applying make up. 

The pump nozzle on the tube was a bit hit and miss I found I had give a few good hard pumps to get the product to come out. It also has a bit of a musty smell too at first but you do get used to it. 

It comes out as a white cream which glides on the face with ease. It dries very quickly too. 

I could not really see much of a difference with day time use in a mirror; but.. When looking at a photograph from a night out I can really see the illumination part. 

 This was just a few nights ago and I can certainly notice the glow in my face and of course the rather youthful look so I think it does work.

The product does not come cheap. It costs Β£25.08 currently for a 50ml tube. I have had this just over a week and hoping to see more good results with daily use.


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