Say I love you with Swizzels

Now that Christmas is well and truly behind us, the next big thing for “some” of us to look forward to is Valentine’s Day which of course falls on February 14th. I won’t be celebrating much on this day and the only people I’ll be saying I love you too are my children. 

To make Valentines a bit more fun, Swizzels have bought out some new sweet products featuring their well known “Love heart” sweets. These sweets have been around for years. They are circular discs or sweet, tangy candy which all have hearts and messages on.  

So I’m trying out two of the novelty love heart products. 

 There is the huge love hearts tube which is packed full of mini love hear packets which come in 3 separate bags. This tube costs just £3.00. 

The retro mini tin comes as a special edition and is also heart shaped. It may well be wort keeping the tin for a good few years. It’s full of mini love hearts which come smaller than the normal ones.  

 The tin costs just £1.99.
Both love heart products will be available to buy in most supermarkets and stores.

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