Degustabox December

My December box arrived a little later than usually with it being Christmas and new year but as always it was well worth the wait. 

 This box contained several drinks and some of them being alcoholic such as Crabbies light ginger beer, this being the “real” stuff and not the pop you find in shops. 

Red Square and there toffee mini vodka which tastes delicious and I only wish it was a bigger bottle.

DB discoveries this month include Love Kombucha drink which is also a ginger blend but not alcoholic and they are made from simple organic ingredients which are fermented and packed with priobotics and all good stuff.

My snack items in this box included Hip Pops – which are similar to crisps bit more healthier as much less fat. Nothing but – which I have tried many times and have to be the bear tasting fruit crisps around. 

Betavito- single serve cereal pouches which seem very healthy and have additional benefits of lowering the cholesterol and glucose. 


Fabulous bakers – and their tasty chunky mango & pineapple healthy bars, full of oats, fruit and energy. 


Complete Energy – bites infused with caffeine with a lemon flavour and gives an instant boost for endurance, alertness and energy.  

Koko – dairy free alternative to cows milk, made with pressed coconut milk. Now the box says it tastes like cows milk but I have to disagree. It has a nice taste alone but it does not taste good in a brew ubfortunatley.  

Product of the month: Barilla – and not one but two items. Barilla being Italian means pasta and sauce. 

 The sauce being made with tomatoes, aubergines and other sweet vegetables and drum wheat pasta. A perfect combination. 

 Finally Drink me Chai – This was a gift satchet which I’ve tried before and it’s a slightly spiced sweet hot drink. 

All of these products cost just Β£12.99 on a monthly subscription which even includes postage too. And for my readers a huge Β£6.00 discount off first boxes using code BLDEG15. 

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