Japan Crate

My first review of 2016 and it just happens to be yet another one of those lovely subscription boxes. This one comes all the way from Japan and contains lots of Japanese sweets and candy. It bares the simple name of Japan Crate.  

It’s a monthly subscription service and it starts at $12 per box, starting with the small box. It’s in dollars which gets converted to pounds and they do ship worldwide for an extra cost.

The amount of contents per box and variety is pretty good. My box contained all of this.  

 The items included were chewy sweets, snack bars, crisps, drinks, candy and of course the rather famous diy sweet making kits which are always a little hit or miss to how they turn out. 

I really enjoyed the chocolate Pocky sticks and the big bag of black bean crisps.

All the contents come wrote in Japanese which not many people can understand so lucky for me there is a handy guide book explaining in English what it all is.  

 As you can see here there are 3 choices of crate too, bring mini, original and premium. I counted 14 items in this box including an egg with toy inside. A lovely surprise box straight from Japan.Β£

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