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Everyone is well aware that books with names and personalisation can easily be bought these days but! Amazing pages go a step further by actually making the child the main character of the book. And not just by txt personalisation either, tho this is included throughout but by placing the child at centre stage of the book, like this! 

 Yes that’s my little princes on the front cover of her own personalised book and holding hands with a mermaid. 

Now Izebella has not yet seen her book because I am saving it as a special Christmas gift but as a parent I was very impressed with the quality of the book.

The first page allows for parents message and personalised presentation via a few special words. 

 Then from here and every page throughout the book, Izebella will see herself amist all the action.  

The book can be made even more personalised to suit the child by adding the town where they live plus favourite toy and a time when they feel scared (Izebella being scared of robots of all things). These bits of information are then added to the story.  

Izebella cannot read yet but I know she will be so excited to see herself in this book. 

Amazing pages currently offer 3 different book titles including the mermaid one. New titles will be added next year and the books cost £19.99 each. Making the book is easy and takes minutes and my book arrived within a few days. It’s a lovely idea and a fabulous personalised keepsake type gift. 

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