Munchie Charms

Munchie charms is a fun jewellery making kit from Galt toys. It combines clay with jewellery and is the type of kit that keeps all my kids busy for a good hour or so, even Ryan. 

 Inside the box are 10 generous size air drying coloured clays plus decorative eyes, jewellery clips and jewellery. The clay is really soft and easy to mould and once moulded it dries and turns into foam with air.

An instruction booklet is included along with an image guide to make and mould various food items. Of course you can make your own too.

Now the box shows these lovely perfect small munchie charms which look very professional and easy. 

I would never criticise anything my darling children create but will sag when it comes to smaller they perhaps didn’t grasp that concept as well as they should snd their creations are on the bigger side. 

 Big, but still a very good munchie charm attempt I think. Moulding the clay takes little time and then can be decorated with eyes to make faces, tho the eyes are very tiny. 

Then the tricky big which is attracting the jewellery clips and this is really difficult and fiddly and especially for younger children. There’s a ring clip and hook which sticks in the clay, both being tiny. The hook needs to attach to the ring clip but they aren’t opened. Think keyrings but much smaller and thinner. I had to prize them open with teeth to fit the hooks. Then the rings attach to the bracelet/necklace and again have to try to close the attached ring.  

I’m hoping I’m doing something wrong as this but is difficult. It needs to be made a little easier. 

The jewellery kit is lots of fun. Once the clay is dry the jewellery clips should stay in place and jewellery can be worn tho I do think next time my kids need make smaller charms. 

This kit can be purchased directly from Galt toys for Β£10.99. Delivery is free on orders over Β£20.00, otherwise Β£3.95.

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