Christmas Surprise game 

To get little Izebella in the festive mood, we have been playing our new festive game “Christmas Surprise” from Orchard toys

 Like all games and puzzles from Orchard toys, this too combines fun with educational benefits which include shape, matching, colours and observation skills. 

In the box are 4 double sided cards and 2 sheets of counters plus a dice. One set of counters have colours on and the others have presents and gifts on. The double sided playing boards have Santa on one side and a Christmas tree on the reverse. 

 There are 2 ways to play, that’s why the boards are double sided. The colour tree seems easier for the younger ones but Izebella prefers the present side. Both sides are played pretty much the same way.Players take turn to roll the dice, whatever present rolls is the present on the board that they then place a counter on and reveal the present underneath. If the present is already covered then they take the counter off. The winner is first to cover all the presents up. The tree game used colour counters and a colour dice and works the same way. 

It’s a really easy and quick game to play. Izebella got the hang of it immediately. I did not even need to explain to her what she needed to do.

This game is aimed at children ages 3-6 years but in my opinion I think the age could be lowered to 2 years. Big sister Jordanna happily joins in with Izebella to play with her but I think it would be too young for a 6 year old to play it as it is really easy.

It seems a good little game for pre-Christmas. Perhaps something to buy for the school holidays and only costs £9.00 too, direct from Orchard toys.

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