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These days many people choose to send digital cards via email or social media. Personally I still prefer receiving the real thing and sending them. Sending them at Christmas can prove a daunting task and especially if the card list is rather long, plus I then have to go out and buy them, write them and then trek out to buy stamps and post them. 

Postsnap is a new card app, which combines the modern day digital world with the traditional way of sending cards. The app is not just for Christmas cards but for birthdays and other occasions all year round. The app allows the user to make the cards really personal with options such as photo uploading and own messages. 
The creation process is really easy and it only takes a few minutes to make the card. This is the one I made. 

I used a photo of each of us as that’s who the card is from. This is just one of the card templates available on the app. There are many others to choose from with other photograph options. 

This is the greeting inside! 

On my card, I left the “To name” bit out. You can of course address the card to someone. There are two postage options the first being to have cards sent to your own address with blank envelopes to send out yourself as I did. The other option is to fully personalise the card and have postsnap send it directly to your recipient meaning you don’t need do anything except create the card.

The card arrived in two days and the order progress is traceable via the app, you do need to create an account. Prices vary for different cards. It’s a very easy to way to send lovely personalised cards this Christmas. 

Visit Postsnap for more details and to download the app.

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