RC Minions

The minions are alive in out house this Christmas with the arrival of 2 large boxes from Bladez toys. These boxes contained two of the loveable minion characters – Bob and Kevin. 

Both Minions are inflatable rc toys and come in flat boxes ready to be inflated. 

 Bob stands at 30cms tall whilst Kevin is the biggy at a massive 2ft tall, he’s huge. 

The minions are easy to set up. They require batteries and minimal assembly of the battery kits once the minion is inflated. The bigger Kevin minion needs a bit more work via stabiliser attachment as he’s much bigger but it still only takes a few minutes.  

I would advise where possible to inflate the minions via an electric pump. You’ll be out of breath trying to blow them up and especially Kevin. I invested a tenner in an electric pump over summer for pools and its come in very useful for things like this. 

 This is Bob and once inflated and batteries/stabilisers attached, they are controlled via the remote control. They move very rapidly and seem to be okay whether on carpet or kitchen flooring. My living room carpet is really deep and thick and it still moves with ease. 

The minions also talk in their original minions voices and come out with lots of phrases, sometimes they don’t shut up but of course they have off switches. They can go outdoors too, probably best when it’s dry and they are sure to impress other kids. They can fully rotate and spin too, and are quite funny to watch.

When I first heard my kids would be getting their inflatable minions to test out, I did worry a little. The word inflatable made me think “pop easily” like balloons and especially as we have a kitten. The plastic does seem pretty tough tho and as for the cat, it’s actually scared of these RC minions. The 2ft Kevin is a little large to have constantly inflated and left around and deflating seems to take seconds. There are also repair patches included with both minions so all good so far.  

 These RC minions are suitable for minions fans ages 3 and over and start at Β£39.99 on the Bladez website. They are also available in most good toy stores and Amazon. Other minions available are Stuart and the Bob British Invasion. Bladez also have other RC inflatable characters available such as Star Wars and dinosaurs.  


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  1. November 27, 2015 / 20:52

    Ohh! I have seen these while doing the Christmas shoppping and I thought the same thing about them popping but they sound fab!

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