Led cherry blossom tree with lights

Christmas is just over 4 weeks away. I can’t believe it’s almost here. Many people who live close to me already have their Xmas decorations up. I’m hopefully putting mine up next weekend but to give my home a bit of extra light I have one of these rather pretty Led blossom trees.  

This one from the Whitestores website is purple and the one I have is bright white. They do come in other colours too and all very pretty. They also come in various sizes.

They are artificial and work by mains plug.The trees arrive in a tall slim box and the box did make me worry slightly that there would be lots of fiddly assembly but there isn’t. Inside the box is a tree stand and the tree. 

 It’s a bit like a Christmas tree. Attach the tree to the stand, pull out the branches and switch on the lights which are already attached. The tree is in the shape of a zig zag with several branches. The good thing about these trees is that each of the branches is really flexible so they can be positioned anyway you like to suit the room. Pulling all the branches out does make the tree seem very large and wide and closing them in makes it look a little bare and almost like the wooden light up reeds.  

 There are up to 120 super bright LEDs on the tree and each light has a flower light cover. These tend to fall off very easily and especially so when removing from box and assembling. They are very easy to put back on and the box seems to contain lots of spare ones.

When plugged in and lit up it looks really beautiful and it can be turned and placed in any position. Adjusting the branches gives it different looks like this.  

 My tree currently sits in a big alcove in my living room which has no other lighting and the photos were taken with the living room lights off. 

It does give a lot of bright light and will look very effective once the main Xmas decorations go up. Here is a photograph taken at a distance. The other lights are from a card peg holder and picture on wall 

 You can see how much light alone is coming from the tree.

  They are very beautiful and can be used all year round not just for Christmas. The 1.2m tree costs Β£24.95 and comes with a 2 year guarantee. 

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