Aquabeads mini playset

When the weather is freezing and it’s too cold and dark to play outside. It is always good to have something creative to be getting on with. For  Jordanna this week, that’s been Aquabeads. 

 This mini set does not look much. It’s a very small box but inside it contains over 300 coloured beads and several designs to make Aquabeads designs. A bottle is also included for puttng water in. 

 To make them. The pictures fit under the plastic bead tray and you follow the image with the correct coloured bead. 

 It can be really tricky using fingers and it was a little disappointing that no tweezers came with the pack. The beads get quite sticky and start popping out if uing fingers so it’s a good job they are only small in size. 

Once the image is completed with beads, The whole thing needs spraying well with water and leaving to set for at least an hour. It’s probably best leaving them over night for best results.  

 Once dry the design pulls off and the beads are all stuck together and firm.  

 There is only one plastic bead frame so only one design can be made at any one time so it’s really for solo use rather than playing together. There is no container to keep the beads either and the box isn’t really great so it’s best to have a spare tin to put them in. The beads absorb moisture and start to stick together if not kept dry. 

It’s a good creative kit for rainy days, tho the beads are tiny so not ideal when young toddlers or older baby’s are around. 

Aquabeads kits come in various sizes and are available in most toy stores and Amazon.

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